Your Products in compliance around the world
Your Products in compliance around the world

            Bionok Healthcare

Bionok is a service company based in Spain, born from the union of several professionals and companies with extensive experience within the Regulatory field of Cosmetic Products, Medical Devices, Biocides and Food Suplements.


These professionals and companies have been operating within the market since 1994 and the current team includes:


-Toxicologist with Eurotox accreditation.






-International regulatory.


Bionok team is designed / optimized to give the clients the best possible service in different approaches, including scientific, regulatory and market´s in the areas of:

- Cosmetic products

- Medical Devices

- Food Suplements.

- Biocides


Bionok offers international services around the world, with a client portfolio that includes companies from Korea, India, Japan, China, Malaysia, Latin America, South Africa, USA and Canada.



BIONOK HEALTHCARE     28042 Madrid



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